SMPL Wander Alert: ensure loved ones stay close and safe


SMPL offers amazing products designed to ensure the complete safety of the seniors as well as children. Caregivers can use it to make sure that their loved ones stay independently and secured which provides peace of mind.

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SMPL offers amazing products to ensure care recipients do not wander off. Products include door alarms, and caregiver pagers which give off alerts that caregivers can hear as well as feel. The products are especially beneficial for people caring for loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Operation of the SMPL Wander Alert:

Caregivers within 250ft of the sensor’s radius get an alert from the caregiver pager. This alert comes in the form of sounds, vibrations, and flashing. If we consider the case of doors, you can install the magnet and the sensor at a distance of 3/4 inch.door alarm for dementia patients with caregiver pager

But if the door is made up of metal, the sensor won’t work. The alarm gets a signal whenever the distance between the magnet and sensor increases by more than 3/4 inch.

SMPL door Alarm for dementia patients:

There are chances that when you are not nearby, your loved ones may wander off and try to reach any cupboard or an area where there are hazardous substances. This can put their lives at risk but if you use this door alarm, you can prevent such incidents by helping them at the right time.

Thus, this product removes any fear of wandering from the minds of the caregivers. Whenever any motion occurs or a door opens in the room or hallway, the caregiver pager sends an alarm.

Features of SMPL door alarm for dementia patients:

There are various features of this device, which makes the device quite useful for the caregivers. These are explained below:

1. An inexpensive device:

It is an inexpensive solution as it doesn’t charge any monthly fees. Radiofrequency technology is used which consumes low power is used for its operation.

2. Easy to set up:

You can set it up easily in a few minutes without using any tools. The device comes with double-sided tape with it. Internet is not needed for setting up the door alarms that are meant for the wandering seniors. Thus you do not have to worry if there is no WiFi in the home. Even Bluetooth connectivity, wiring or any extra charges are also not needed.

3. Expandable:

It is expandable in nature because you can add up to 20 call buttons or door motion sensors. This increases the coverage area and ultimately the safety. For multiple caregivers, there is the availability of additional alarms which you can purchase separately.

4. The device is portable:

Since the wireless motion and door alarms are portable in nature, caregivers can take it anywhere with them. This includes a picnic, a vacation, a trip to someplace, etc. This makes the care recipients feel safe all the time instead of getting startled.

5. Setting up the alarm sound:

There are 50 choices from which you can choose the alarm sound. This can be same for all the sensors vary for each of them as per your choice.

Advantages of using SMPL door alarm for dementia patients:

There are various benefits of using this device, which is explained below:

1. Beneficial for seniors and disabled:

It relieves you from worrying for the children wandering in any place. People who are visually impaired, unable to hear or disabled, can use the products of SMPL for leading safer and better lives.

2. Keep an eye on the loved ones all the time:

When you are attending any event or task, you can simultaneously watch your loved ones. Thus, in case they entered any unsafe area, fell or wandering somewhere, you can help them easily.

3.Easy clipping of the portable alarm:

A caregiver can clip the alarm to his attire easily or keep it in the pockets. There are also options of mounting it in the wall or just placing it on the table. When the doors or areas which are under monitoring cause any infraction, he can get an alert through ringing or vibration.

4. The device operates on a battery:

The effectiveness of the alarm is 100-250 feet from the sensor or transmitter present on a door, cabinet or window. It operates with a battery which lasts for a period of 6 months to 1 year as per the frequency of the interactions. Both the sensor battery and alarm battery longevity depend on the frequency of usage.

Connecting the sensors with the alarm:

There are three simple steps with which you can establish a connection of the sensor with the alarm. These are explained in the following section:

1. Use the inset buttons to chose the melody and the desired volume.

2. On pressing the Melody Change button for 5 seconds, you can enter the setup.

3. Trigger the particular sensor to complete the setup.

Package contents of SMPL Door alarm:

On purchasing the door alarm for dementia patients, you are going to get the following component on purchasing:
Installation hardware

  1. Sensor with a pre-installed battery
  2. Magnet
  3. Dible sided tape
  4. Belt clip
  5. A portable alarm which needs 2 AAA batteries for operating it. You need to install it as the batteries are not provided with it.
  6. A user guide is provided which you can go through before installation.

SMPL call button alarm:

This device produces alerts when the care recipient presses the call button. Thus when you are nearby, they can easily call you and you do not have to stay with them all the time. They can wear it in their neck or just keep it in their pocket to use it in case of a requirement. It operates in a range of 250 ft around the home.

It doesn’t need any tool and can be used easily. The SMPL care giver pager and SMPL call buttons are paired. The range of options lets the caregiver set the desired alarm notification sound and volume. When you are not monitoring, you can switch off the caregiver pager.

SMPL Room motion sensor:

This is effective whenever someone enters into a room, hall or some risky area. This prevents you from worrying when your beloved ones move out of their bed, room, into some unsafe region. This way, the disabled people are also benefitted from it.

You can come to the rescue of the person when you get an alert. It works within 20 ft of the sensor. It doesn’t need any assembling and works easily. You can set the appropriate volume and type of alert or switch off the pager when not in use.





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