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Sonos One Gen 2 (2nd generation) is something you have got to look at. With their smooth, room-filling sounds and smart voice control features, Sonos One Gen 2 is a very effective alternative to Amazon’s Echo system.

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Let’s take a break from Amazon’s smart systems. Sonos One Gen 2 (2nd generation) is something you have got to look at. With their smooth, room-filling sounds and smart voice control features, Sonos One Gen 2 is a very effective alternative to Amazon’s Echo system. It has a unique touch of elegance and robust micro-features in a way that makes you want to make it a permanent member of your smart systems.

There is something else – Sonos One Gen 2 does not only use Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa – it also gives you the option of using Google Assistant. So, there is no need for a feeling of limitation to a particular assistant, your loved one can easily choose who they choose to work with any day.

Top features

The Sonos One Gen 2 has a lot of classic and revolutionary features, most of which your loved one would find healthy. Here is a list of some picks we feel you should know:

  • Brilliant sound system – The Sonos One gen 2 is an embodiment of sound brilliance. Filling the room with a unique sound effect that places you right in the middle of the music, it can spark feelings and set moods for perfect flow with the song.
  • Designed to fit in  – the smart system is not meant to take any form of space in your apartment. Designed small and mobile enough to be placed on any stand, it is compact and can solve the issue of limited space. Also, it is humidity resistant, making it easy to be placed in the bathroom, kitchen or living room.
  • Efficient voice control – With Alexa and Google Assistant, there is an impressive efficiency in voice control of the system. Your loved one can easily send voice commands by talking to the device and their request gets done. Such requests may vary based on needs, they could be to play a piece of music, get news updates, schedule an event, check the weather or ask a general question.
  • Pairing two Sonos – For a more generalized sound effect similar to a home theater, you can easily pair two Sonos One stereo. This particular feature helps your loved one create a sort of party environment without the need for poor sound quality speakers.
  • Capacitive touch controls – Eliminating the need for conventional buttons, the Sonos One Gen 2 uses capacitive touch to control the smart system. This has a similar effect to some touch screen devices and is easier to operate than buttons. It also ensures it lasts longer as over usage of the buttons does not cause them to depress into the device.
  • Wifi connectivity – The Sonos one Gen 2 can connect to a nearby WiFi hotspot as it has Wifi connectivity features. This enables you to share the primary internet connection to your Sonos device.
  • Automatic software updates – As a means of keeping your loved one up to date with new technologies, there is a periodic software update on the device. This also serves to ensure security practices are constantly followed, securing the data and privacy of your loved one.

What Sonos One Gen 2 can do for you

The Sonos One Gen 2 is a pleasant way of helping your loved one get the best of both entertainment and companionship. With good musical experience and a smart communication interface, it might be all you really need to gift a senior loved one.

For a quick breakdown, here’s a list of what you should expect your loved one to gain from Sonos One Gen 2:

  • Sweet musical experience – a feel of good music, listening and feeling the way it is intended.
  • Portability – Due to its small size and resistance to humidity, it can be carried about and placed on just about any surface in the home. This means your loved one can enjoy his/her music anywhere in the entire house simply by carrying it about.
  • Easy to control – With its voice command feature, your loved one can easily control the device by simply talking to it
  • Affordable internet access – SO far there is a Wifi hotspot nearby, the Sonos One gen 2 can be easily connected to the internet in order to enjoy the Alexa and Google Assistant feature.
  • Security and updates – There is no need for any techy action from your loved one. The Sonos One gen 2 smart system automatically updates its software, keeping up with security to protect their data.

It’s up to you to decide what smart system you would like your elderly loved ones to have. With the exceptional features and benefits listed above, Sonos One Gen 2 would be a great addition to your loved one’s smart home system.


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