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Tile key finder: An efficient GPS tracking device to find keys and lost items

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Tile key finder is a GPS tracking device that makes finding things easy. This can be done with the help of the device and the app.

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Tile key finder is a GPS tracking device that makes finding things lost by loved-ones very easy. It doesn’t matter if the items are near or far away, you can easily find lost items with the help of the app and this GPS tracker for keys.

Working of Tile key finder:

Operation of this GPS tracker for keys is explained in the following section:tile key finder

1. Download the free Tile app, click on “+” symbol and follow the instructions. This will activate the Tile key finder

2. With the help of the app, ring the nearby device. In case it is not around you, you can even spot its location on the map.

3. On double-clicking the Tile button on the device, your phone will start ringing. This will happen even if the phone is in silent mode

4. You can activate the community finds to connect to the largest search party. Whenever anyone using this app, comes in your lost item’s range, the location is updated to you. Thus finding it becomes easy.

Different types of Tile key finder:

Here are 3 models of this GPS tracker for keys:

A. Pro:

This device has the following features:

1. Long battery backup:

It comes with a replaceable battery which lasts for 1 year. After this, you need to simply replace it to continue usage.

2. Louder sound:

It has a sound that is loud enough to be audible even in noisy environments.

3.Good range:

The range of this device is 300 ft which is pretty good for seniors while finding any item at home.

4. Sturdy product:

The Tile key finder has been subjected to drop, squish and tumble tests to ensure that it works even in tough situations without failing.

B. Mate:

The features of this reliable Tile key finder are as follows:

1. Louder sound:

It has a sound that is 50% louder than the older versions.

2. Coverage:

It has a coverage range of up to 150 ft.

3. Versatile use:

This reliable device can be used with anything that you think might be lost.

4. No charging needed:

Its replaceable battery lasts for a period of 1 year. Therefore, you do not have to worry about charging it every day.


The exciting features of this Tile key finder are enumerated below:

1. Easy fits everywhere:

This GPS tracker for keys justifies its name. It is lean enough to fit in easily everywhere, such as your passport and wallets. You can even stick it to your laptop or notebooks.

2. Good for low profile spaces:

In such places where you can’t comfortably use other devices, Slim Tile key finder fits in the best way.

3. No need to monitor it all the time:

Once you have attached the device to your items, you can simply forget about it without worrying.

4.Easy to carry:

Owing to its lightweight and slimness, it can be easily carried anywhere

Advantages of opting for Tile key finder premium:

You can enjoy many benefits with the premium version of this GPS tracker for keys. It also offers you with a free trial for a month. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Smart Alerts

The Tile app will send you alerts when you forget any important items in your home while going out.

2. Replacement of the battery for free:

The firm will ship the battery to the premium users of Mate and Pro models every year. So, they do not have to worry about running out of power.

3. View location history:

You will have access to the location of your items on the map. This can be seen for the last 30 days to retrace the steps.

4. No limit on sharing the device:

Share this GPS tracker for keys with all your friends and family without any restriction on the number of them. Thus they all can help you find your lost things more easily.

5. 3-year warranty extension:

The premium users have this advantage on all the models of Tile key finder that has a replaceable battery.

4. Exclusive helpline access:

Those opting for the premium plan can have access to text helpline exclusively. The Care team of the manufacturer itself staffs this.

The ReTile program for Tile key finder:

This program has been designed to ensure that your Tile key finder will operate smoothly for a year without any issues. Once it is time to get a new device, you can buy the latest one with up to 40% discount because of this ReTile program. It ensures a hassle-free up-gradation of your GPS tracker for keys to the Tile Mate, Slim, Style or Sport model.

Process of ReTile:

1. First, you need to place the reTile order in order to get new Tiles in mail

2. The app can be used for swapping out the older ones with the new product.

3. Since the Tile key finders are made up of 99% recyclable material, you can get them recycled in the local e-waste center.

Advantages of the reTile program for Tile Key finder:

With this program, you can avail the following benefits:

1. It will make the life of caregivers simple as they do not have to worry about buying a new device at some point in time. The device doesn’t have any moving parts, which makes it less prone to any kind of damage like the other GPS trackers.

2. You do not have to replace the batteries or charge the device for one full year.

3. This program makes buying the latest models at a much affordable discounted price.

4. The recyclable material with which Tile key finders are made, make them eco-friendly.

5. The devices are water-resistant and durable in nature. They are also safe for everyone in the family including the seniors. This is because it doesn’t pose any chance for electric shock or choking hazards.


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