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TrackR: best device for tracking items lost by seniors


TrackR has made a device named Pixel which is a Bluetooth tracker that prevents you from losing anything. It tracks lost or misplaced items.

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TrackR has made an excellent tracking device which the seniors or anyone else in the family can use to find lost keys, wallets or other items lost by loved-ones. This Bluetooth tracker is a lightweight device the size of a quarter and will keep loved-ones from losing their valuables.

Operating the TrackR:

Operating the TrackR is quite simple:

1. Download the free app which will enable so your cell phone to act as a finder.trackr key tracker

2. Attach the device to any of your essential items such as keys, wallet, remote control, etc.

3. When your care-recipient has lost an item, click on the app to find the item. If your phone is misplaced, search it easily by pressing the TrackR which will make the phone ring.

Features of TrackR:

This key tracker has certain features that make it a useful device, which are as follows:

1. Ringer with a loud volume:

The device attached to the item emits a loud ring so you can easily find the lost item.

2. Flashlight:

TrackR lights up so that you can find it easily in case it is lost in a dark area.

3.Light-weight and small-sized:

It is the smallest Bluetooth tracker which is just 4 grams. Thus it is convenient to use anywhere.

4. Low battery notification:

Whenever the CR2016 battery is low, you will get an alert to replace it. So, there is no need to worry if it will suddenly stop working.

5. Find the location on the map:

You can click on the map and see the last location of the lost item when the app is running in the background.

6. Reliability of the global network:

This is helpful when a person using the TrackR app is nearby your lost item. You will get an alert at this point

7. Ease of attaching:

The device comes with a key loop or 3M adhesive patch with which you can attach the Pixel to any object

8. Range and compatibility:

It has 100ft Bluetooth range that is not affected by the walls, furniture or other objects. You can use it in iOS 9 and above and Android 4.4 and above.

Pairing the TrackR app with more than more device:

Whenever you want to add more than one devices to the TrackR app, you can do this easily. There is a 3 stacked square in the right-hand side top corner of the TrackR app.
By clicking this, you can see the “Add New Device” option. Choose this to start the pairing. Make sure that the Bluetooth is switched on all the time and the app is in the active condition even in the background

Setting up the TrackR:

Follow the steps enlisted below to set up the TrackR:

1. Download the TrackR-Lost Item Tracker app from the App Store or Google Play store.

2. Now you need to pair the phone or tablet with the downloaded app after turning on the Bluetooth. For this, click on “Get Started” or “Add New Device”, choose the type of TrackR, provide a name, pair it and then click “Done”.

3. In order to track the items, the device makes use of Bluetooth technology with the TrackR app and not GPS. When you are out of the Bluetooth range, the app will show you “Last Seen” on the mini-map. The connection reestablishment will take place once you come within its Bluetooth range.

Resetting the TrackR:

Reset is needed when the TrackR has to be refreshed for a connection, troubleshooting or when you are facing pairing issues. Do this in the following ways:

1. Open the battery tray present on the TrackR left-hand side. Remove the back case through its counterclockwise rotation. This will free the back so that you can remove the old battery.

2. When the basic reset doesn’t resolve the issue, opt for the advanced reset of TrackR. For this, force close the TrackR app, turn on the Airplane mode and then remove the battery. After this, turn off the Airplane mode, open the TrackR app and continue the pairing process. You can re-insert the battery when the purple pairing screen appears and try to pair your key tracker.

Sharing TrackR with the family:

You can share your key tracker with your family members and those with whom you generally remain in contact in your daily lives. For this set up a “family” group and all the members in it can share the device to find the items easily.
Similarly, you can also set up a “Neighbours” group. Sharing the key tracker with your near and dear ones makes finding the lost things simpler, easier as well as quicker.

What do you get with TrackR?

Here are the things that you will get on buying TrackR:

1. A setup guide

2. A key loop for each device

3. A double-sided 3M adhesive, one for each device

4. A CR2016 replaceable battery


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