Pillbox by Tricella
Pillbox by Tricella
Pillbox by Tricella

Pillbox by Tricella: Never let your loved-one miss their meds


Pillbox by Tricella is an excellent device that recognizes when you have forgotten to take your pill. It provides notification to the loved ones when this happens. It is compatible with the devices that have Bluetooth 4.0.

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Pillbox by Tricella is an excellent device that recognizes when your loved-ones have forgotten to take their pills. It provides notification to the care-givers and loved-ones when this happens. It is compatible with the devices that have Bluetooth 4.0.

Working of Pillbox by Tricella:

This pill organizer has sensors which can detect any break in compliance with a drug regimine. Like MedaCube, it establishes a connection to smartphones through Bluetooth, and send alerts when it is time to take pills (or when loved-ones forget to take them).

Features of Pillbox by Tricella:

The features of this pillbox are as follows:

1. Eliminates the dependency on caregivers for medicine all the time:

This smart pillbox organizer has been designed by keeping the responsibilities of the caregivers in mind. They generally take care of their loved ones by reminding them to take the prescribed doses in the scheduled time. But in case they are absent, it is a problem as the seniors or others may forget it.tricella pillbox pill orgamizer

At this point, this pill organizer is quite useful as it makes up for your absence and takes care of the patients by helping them take their medicine on time.

2. Provides alerts through various means:

This device is quite useful as it uses various modes to communicate the message. Whenever a dose is missed, it sends a text, calls the relatives or family, or plays an audio recording. This ensures that the person is reminded in any way to take the medicine and avoid any unwanted consequences.

4. Tracking progress:

This becomes quite simple as there is an option to view the history which you can check regularly.

5. Connectivity of numerous smart pillboxes to the app:

The app lets you connect more than one pillboxes. This is helpful for those who have to take a number of pills in a day.

6. Presence of advanced sensors:

For every drawer of the Pillbox by Tricella, there is a sensor. This helps in the detection of a specific dose which the person is missing.

7. Portable device:

Since the device runs on a coin cell battery, you can readily replace it. The size of the device makes it portable.

Adding a reminder for the medicines in Pillbox by Tricella:

You can add a reminder for your vitamins or medicines through some easy steps. Click on the “reminder” option in the navigation bar which will take you to the “reminder” page. You can tap this again to set the new reminder. Here you can alter the date and time as per your requirement.

After this, enter the pill’s name and press “done”. You can then find the option to add its potency. Either skip it for opt to add it later. At this point, enter the number of pills as well as the dose.
In the last step, you have to mention the number of pills in the bottle. This can also be done later.

Adding a caregiver to the Pillbox:

Click on the navigation bar’s “Family” button to go to the “family” page. Here, select the “Add family” and enter the contact or else select from the existing ones. Now if you click “invite”, the new caregiver will get a text message for app installation. In this way, you can conveniently add the caregiver to the pillbox.

Facts about the Pillbox by Tricella:

There are some interesting facts about this weekly pill organizer which you need to be aware of. These are as follows:

1. Besides the smartphone, you can use the pillbox with a tablet also, which should support Bluetooth 4.0.

2. When 2 persons in the home are using pillboxes, there is no chance that the app of one person will get connected to the other’s pillbox.

3. When you need to take different pills at different times in a day, then you can use the app to sync different pillboxes. This makes the device convenient for everyone’s use.

4. When you need to change your phone due to any reason, you can get all your data ported into the new one through sign in to the new device.

5. There is a feature named adherence time which is 2 hours after and before the scheduled remainder.

6. It doesn’t make use of any special battery. So, whenever it runs out, you can easily get a CR2032 battery to replace it

7. The pillbox is quite affordable and it can ensure the independence of caregivers. The app is also available for free. It doesn’t charge you any monthly fee for its services.

Editing the adherence history in the pillbox by Tricella:

Suppose the patient consumed the medicine in the dinner instead of taking it in the breakfast. This is outside the adherence window but you can edit this history. Click on the  % Adherence present under the date on the main screen. After this click on the day which you want to edit and then on the grey checkmark to select the consumed dose. Confirm it by selecting “I took it”.

In some cases, even after taking the pill during the adherence window, you may get reminders. This happens when your pillbox is not in the Bluetooth range. It prevents the syncing and results in this discrepancy.

Resolving issues related to the Pillbox by Tricella:

Sometimes you may not be able to connect the phone to the pillbox. In this case, you need to see if the battery is properly installed with the marks facing upward. Once you push out a pill drawer, it will light up. In case this doesn’t happen, you should understand that you haven’t pushed in the battery. So, remove and install it again.


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