WiFi button of Flic Hub
WiFi button of Flic Hub
WiFi button of Flic Hub

WiFi button of the Flic Hub- An essential feature


The WiFi button in the Flic hub helps you to let others in your office or home to use this smart button. It doesn’t need you to install the Flic App to operate it.

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The WiFi button in the Flic hub has significantly enhanced its features. With it, you can let others in your office or home to use this smart button. In general, people need to install the Flic app in their smartphone or else use the remote control to operate the Flic for controlling various devices.

Therefore, in order to remove this constraint, the use of a smartphone to operate the smart button has been eliminated. What you need to do in this case is use the Flic app in a plugged-in computer and since the Hub comes with a Wifi button, you can easily link the button to the internet. It also enables you to connect Flic to other locally connected things.

How is the WiFi button a better feature than Bluetooth for connectivity?

Though Bluetooth was used for connectivity, it is not very reliable and is somewhat buggy in nature. Therefore the need to create a Flic Hub with WiFi arose. You can link it to as many as 64 Flic buttons as well as Bluetooth speakers and other flic hub wifi buttonsmartphones. It assures a zero delay while connecting to all such devices.

Suppose you have some old devices and you want to control them with Flic Hub, you can easily do this because of the optional Infra Red(IR) accessory named IR Blaster in the Flic Hub. In such case, the IR accessory behaves like an old remote control and lets you turn on your TV, switch on the AC, etc. with the Flic button.

Functions of the WiFi button of the Flic Hub:

When you want to control the Flic Hub to your stereo amplifier, you can do this with the help of an audio cable and control the music with the Flic. In short, with the Wifi button of the Flic Hub, you can accomplish the following tasks efficiently:
1. Establish a connection to Bluetooth as well as other WiFi devices.
2. Enjoy zero or quick response time with this Flic Hub having a WiFI button.
3. Get more than 60 Flic buttons connected to it.
4. Manage your old devices by addition of infrared controls to the Flic.

Range and Compatibility of the Flic Hub:

The Flic hub provides you with better control of your devices in a much flexible way. There is no restriction on the number of users who can use a button. Besides this, it has a fairly good control range of up to 30 m or 100 ft. With the continuous use of the Flic Wifi button, its battery would last for over 1 year.

You can use the Flic hub in your iPhone as well as Android phones. It is compatible with iOS 10 and above and Android 5 and above. Even new users can easily operate it. All you need to do is first plug in the Flic hub with wifi button and the IR blaster. Then for the click commands, actions need to be created after which you can control your devices as well as enjoy the services with a simple click.


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