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Say adieu to all the extra efforts that you need to incur while opening and closing curtains multiple times a day. With Xiaomi Aqara automatic curtain opener, you can open and close curtain with a touch of a hand. You can do this with the help of an app and even through remote control. Curtains and drapes are part of our life that can’t be substituted. However, with smart technology like intelligent curtain motor, things function easily.

This automatic curtain opener is like a blessing in disguise for families with elderlies. It is also the right fit if you  have orthopedic problems and difficulties with motion. At times, our seniors wish to perform some tasks by themselves without asking for help. They don’t want to disturb you in the middle of your task and feel hesitant in calling help for trifle matters. This automatic curtain opener is thus helpful for our seniors in doing their own tasks by themselves such as opening and closing the curtains.

Through this intelligent curtain motor, elderlies can easily open and close the curtains with the help of remote control, through an app or with the help of a wireless switch too. As the curtains can be opened with a push of a button from a remote, app or wireless switch, elderlies don’t necessarily have to get up which can dangerous for elderlies with dizziness and mobility issues.

Also, these curtains can open and close fully with a touch of a hand. So, seniors don’t have to make an effort to open or close them till the end. They can even be opened and closed by standing in one place by just lightly pulling the curtain without moving around.

 Xiaomi Aqara Automatic Curtain Opener Features

  • Compatibility

Xiaomi’s Aqara Intelligent curtain motor is a smart automatic curtain opener. It works with Apple Home Kit and with other smart home gadgets of Aqara.

  • Timing Switch

This curtain opener also supports the timing switch through which the curtain can be opened at the preset time. This is also useful for seniors as this can act as an alarm clock for them. They can wake up early in the morning with their curtain opening up automatically.

  • Light touch start and resistance stop function

With a light pulling the curtain, this automatic curtain opener opens and closes the curtain fully.

  • Work as a manual curtain

This curtain motor could also be powered off. In such a case, curtains function as normal manual curtains. They can open and close by shifting it from the hand.

So, these were some of the amazing features of Xiaomi’s Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor and how this wonderful invention can help elderlies live an independent life. Incorporating this automatic curtain opener in your family’s senior’s room is one of the ways to make their life simpler. If your elderlies are tech-savvy, they can also control the curtains and drapes with the help of an app.


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