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The constant use of air conditioners and heaters at home leads to the declining humidity levels at our home. This also makes our skin dry. It’s really important to know when the temperature and moisture levels in your room fall below normal to keep yourself healthy. Also, to make elderlies breathe easier, the right amount of moisture in the air is utterly important. Moisture is necessary for moisturizing the nasals and lung passages. This makes it easier to breathe the air without congestion or cough. Xiaomi’s Aqara temperature humidity sensor detects the real-time humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure levels. It alarms you when they reach an abnormal level. Not only this, there are various other features of this humidity sensor that can help caregivers to keep the loved one’s home safe and sound.

Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor Features

·      Automatic alarm

Using the app, you can set the comfort zone. This will alarm you when the temperature, moisture and atmospheric level in the comfort zone fall to an abnormal state. This is useful if you have elderlies and babies at home.

·      Shows the historic record

This smart temperature humidity sensor is also capable of showing all the past records of the temperature and humidity levels. You can access these records anytime and anywhere through the app.

·      Connectivity

The Xiaomi’s Aqara temperature humidity sensor can also be connected to the smart outlet. So, when the humidity levels in the room reach below normal, it automatically turns on the outlet and power on the humidifier.

Similarly, if the temperature in the room has become too high, you can connect it to the controller to turn on the air conditioning.

·      Easy to install

The humidity sensor can easily be placed or stick anywhere. Also, the sensor can be kept in wardrobes. When the humidity levels are too high, you will be alarmed. When the humidity levels in the wardrobes tend to get high, the clothes catch mold and mildew destroying the fabric of your favorite dresses. With this sensor installed, there are no chances of losing your favorite dresses. This usually happens in summer seasons when the humidity levels are high.

So, these were some of the features of Xiaomi’s Aqara temperature humidity sensor. Undoubetdly, they are beneficial for caregivers, babies and elderlies. You can create a healthy living atmosphere for your loved ones which Xiaomi’s humidity sensor at home.



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