Xiaomi ARDOR Human Body Sensor Smart Space Heater

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A smart space heater is capable of sensing the human presence and automatically switches on and off accordingly. The Xiaomi’s ARDOR human body sensor smart space heater is one such smart space heater that can ease your lives.

The Xiaomi’s smart space heater has human body sensors and automatic control. This proves to be useful for elderlies and seniors at home. As it can detect the human body and switches on automatically, it makes it easier for seniors with motion difficulties who may otherwise have to seek help to turn it on.

Also, this smart space heater will automatically turn off as you leave the room. It turns off automatically when it is alone for 5 minutes. This will help seniors with memory loss who otherwise may forget to turn the heater off thus saving the electricity.

This is convenient for everyone to stay warm and not switch the heater on and off at quick intervals.

Xiaomi Smart Space Heater Features

  • Wide-angle wind

It has an easily accessible swaying button located at the top of the heater which makes it easy for seniors to access it. This feature rotates the heater at a 90-degree wide-angle, thus providing wide coverage and powerful wind.

  • Fast heating

With its PTC ceramic heating, this heater only takes 3 seconds to heat up and reach a constant temperature. It comes with the metal fire protection cover which makes it fire-resistant, so it is absolutely safe to use among your loved ones.

  • Multiple heat settings

The Xiaomi’s smart space heater supports three heat settings. This allows you to control electricity consumption namely 15W, 1000W and 1700W.Also, when the temperature of the room is maintained you can switch back to the low heat setting.

  • Cuts off power

The Xiaomi’s smart space heater automatically cuts off power when it accidentally falls down from a 45-degree angle or is over heated. So, if seniors are slightly wobbly and mistakenly makes the heater to fall down, everything will stay safe and well.

  • Acts as an air purifier too

To a certain extent, this heater is also capable to remove harmful substances from the air. This is all due to its removable high-quality active sponge filter. This is also another perfect reason that it is a perfect fit for seniors and elderlies.

Totally safe and convenient to use for everyone in the family, Xiaomi’s smart space heater  should be part of your loved one’s lives. It makes a home safe and important for seniors who choose to live independently. Winters are most often the hardest season for our elderlies to survive and this smart space heater can help them cope up with this harsh season better.




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