Xiaomi Mi Smart Flowerpot Plant Waterer

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Smart Flowerpot is a smart device which flowers your pot automatically when you are not around or unable to do so. Coming out from the Chinese giant, Xiaomi, this smart accessory is created for caretakers who are providing home care to elderly people. In their absence, this smart Plant Waterer waters the plant when it needs it.

As a caregiver, there will be instances where you are not available to flower the pot on a given day. But to ensure the well-being of the plant, it is important to water it regularly. Indoor plants not only decorate the place but purify the atmosphere and impart positivism. That’s why the elderly and stressed-out people feel good around plants and gardens.

Xiaomi Plant Waterer Features


This flower pot is large enough to accommodate any small to mid-sized plant. This pot is the ideal pick for flowering plants. It comes with smart sensors that provide intelligent functionality. They have in-built timers and moisture detector which acts as the backbone for this smart home device.

Two working modes

With this plant waterer, you can water the pot in two ways. First, you can set a time for the device which gets triggered at the right time and waters the pot. Alternatively, since it is Bluetooth-enabled,, you can access it from your smartphone and trigger the action. But for that, you need to have the app installed or have integrated into your smart home interface. You need to connect the pot to an internet connection as well.

Sleek and stylish plant waterer

The low-key matte color looks fashionable and sleek at the same time. You can place this plant waterer in the garden, balcony, or in your room, it will fit in with the environment nicely. Further, the strong, high-strength plastic material provides protection against corrosion and breakage. Available in multiple colors, you can select as per your preference and we will deliver it at your doorstep.


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