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No matter how careful one can be, water leakages and water overflowing have become a part of our everyday lives. For the sake of water conservation and the safety of property, it’s important to find a solution to the same. Xiaomi’s Mijia Aqara water leak detector is a smart device made to prevent such water leakages.

This water sensor works as a water leak detector and alarms way before the situation turns out filthy. This smart water leak detector is also great for families with elderlies. Also, it is a useful product for independent seniors living with caregivers.

This device could be of great help for seniors with memory loss. Usually, seniors forget to turn off the water faucet in the bathtub or sink. This makes the water overflow and causes water floods.  This is where Xiaomi’s Mijia Aqara Water sensor helps you by sensing water level as low as 0.5mm. It can not only alarm the caregivers but can also open the wall outlet and switch and close the electromagnetic valve to prevent the situation from worsening.

For the Xiaomi Mijia Aqara water sensor to function responsibly, it needs to be linked with the multi-functional Gateway or Xiaomi MIJIA Aqara Air Conditioning.

The Aqara water sensor detector alerts you well before time to prevent the elderlies from accidentally slipping over the flooding water. This saves family members and caregivers from a lot of trouble. The device not only keeps your seniors safe but also your property.

Xiaomi Mijia Aqara Water Leak Detector Features

  • IP67 waterproof grade

This water sensor detector is too smart. Its working remain unaffected by a change in environmental conditions. The Aqara water sensor is waterproof and works perfectly well in humid and dusty situations too. It requires no special safety kit for installation.

  • No installation

The water sensor detector requires no equipment or functioning for installation. It is ready-to use-device that must be placed near leakage prone areas like bathrooms, sinks, warehouses, generator rooms, etc.

  • Durability and longer battery life

The Xiaomi’s Mijia Aqara water sensor is made from high-quality anti-UV material. The button battery this device uses is replaceable and lasts for about 2 years in a single usage.

Needless to say, unlike all other Xiaomi’s Aqara products, this water sensor detector is also compatible with home apps and all Apple Homekit devices. Also, you can get notified of any water leak in your house on your mobile with the help of its app.

So, if are looking for a product that could end your water leak troubles, Xiaomi’s Mijia Aqara water sensor can be the answer to all your problems keeping your loved ones safe too.


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