Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensing Night Light with IR Sensor
Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensing Night Light video

Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensing Night Light with IR Sensor

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Don’t we always find it difficult to find things in our wardrobe? Ain’t we all lazy to switch on the light when we had to wake up in the night for washroom or other businesses? Xiaomi’s Mijia Motion Sensing Night Light with an IR sensor can be the perfect solution for your everyday troubles. Also, elderlies can’t afford the time to switch on the light when they need to go to the washroom urgently. Moreover, it is common among elderlies to face urinary incontinence due to their aging bladder.

This smart light with the IR sensor by Xiaomi can turn out to be a savior for them. With its 120-degree sensing angle, powerful motion sensing and human infrared sensor technology, it can automatically turn on in a dark environment saving the old people to fumble for the light switch in the dark.

Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensing Night Light Features


This smart light has low power consumption and can keep serving you and illuminate your life for the year-round with the same batteries so that the elderlies don’t have to worry about changing batteries now and then. They can even carry this smart light with themselves and can hang it or stick it as per their convenience.

Comfortable light

Adjusting your eyes in the sudden burst of brightness in the dark especially when you are sleepy is a major turn off. Moreover, elderlies find it even more difficult and take more time to adjust to the sudden brightness. With Xiaomi Mijia smart light, it’s sorted! Its comfortable warm light needs no vision adjustment and doesn’t hurt the eyes in the dark.


Moreover, it is completely made up of environmentally friendly materials so you are assured that your loved ones are safe and are not exposed to something which may further deteriorate their health. With light so soothing and tender, one can even find things in dark without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

Easy to install

The Xiaomi Mijia smart light with IR sensor also comes with a hook such that it can be even be hanged in closets, in the garage or in dark places to fetch the stuff. Who knows you may find your long lost stuff after using this smart light?Motion Sensing Night Light

Still not impressed? Its minimalistic design makes it cool, classy and easy to fit over every wall, desk, chairs and every other hook and corner. Thus, also making it fit within the choice of the old people. Illuminate your life with this smart light. Install one near your senior’s room and be assured of their safety.

Motion Sensing Night Light Features at a glance:

  • Sense motion up to 5 to 7 meters distance
  • Two brightness adjustments
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra-thin Fresnel lens to enhance the visual experience
  • Lightweight and durable




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