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Smart Trash Can is yet another new invention in the field of smart technological gadgets to make your life easier. Smart Trash Cans open and close automatically on sensing a human hand. Xiaomi’s NINESTARS Smart Trash Can is everything you need preferably if you have elderlies at home.

Xiaomi’s Smart Trash Can is useful for seniors and elderlies with mobility and orthopedic problems. How can a Smart Trash Can make elderlies life simpler? Here is how! To discard the waste and garbage, seniors only have to wave their hand on the top lip of the Xiaomi’s NINESTARS Smart Can will sense it automatically open up. This will save elderlies with orthopedic problems from the trouble of bending over and opening the lid.

Also, it is useful for elderlies with the compromised immune system as they no longer have to open the lid of the trash can with their bare hands. This, in turn, will keep them away from bacterial infections.

If you are looking for products that are old age-friendly, Xiaomi’s Trash Can deserve to be on the list. The cover of the trash can have a smart chip control that senses the human hand placed over it. the distance can also be adjusted according to the family needs.

Xiaomi NINESTARS Smart Trash Can Features

  • One button control

Xiaomi’s NINESTARS Smart Can has one-button control with varied functions. It has a button for the lid to keep it open. Through its second button, you can adjust the sensing distance ranging between 6cm to 30cm. Also, the third button is used to switch on the power supply.

  • Silent operation

This Smart Trash Can opens and closes the lid silently. This is made possible with the help of a new silent motor with air damping technology making it smarter among the smarts.

  • Battery life

No worries! You will not have to replace its batteries now and then. The Xiaomi’s Trash Can use two AA batteries that can last about 6 months (carbon batteries) to 17 months (alkaline batteries).

Besides this, it is super easy to change the garbage bag. The three easy in replacing garbage bag includes lifting off the pressure ring, replacing the garbage bag and putting the pressure ring back in. Further, the Smart Trash Can is made up of ABS material so you don’t have to worry about its durability. So, Xiaomi’s NINESTARS Smart Trash Can is worth the price for the convenience it provides to your loved ones.


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