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Lack of moisture in the air around us ultimately makes our skin dry and flaky. Using air conditioners and heaters for prolonged duration is also one of the reasons behind the declining moisture levels in the air. Xiaomi Smart Humidifier thus acts like a life savior that balances out the moisture level in the air, making the air we breathe in fresh and clean.

Moreover, smart humidifiers, like Xiaomi’s Smart Humidifier are great for taking care of seniors and our elderlies. As seniors with mobility and orthopedic problems can’t move around freely, Xiaomi’s Smart ultrasonic humidifier is capable of start functioning on its own requiring no human interference. It intelligently monitors the air and automatically maintains proper humidity levels.

As a caregiver, you can also always be informed of the level of humidity in the senior’s room by remotely monitoring it easily. This humidifier is also of great help to seniors with dementia who may not have the ability to operate the humidifier on their own.

Xiaomi Smart Humidifier Features

  • UV-CCL ultraviolet lamp

This smart humidifier has the UV-CCL ultraviolet lamp that has a feature of ultraviolet sterilization, kills 98.8% bacteria and releases the fresh air. This keeps your loved ones safe from the wrath of UV rays and harmful bacteria in the air around us.

  • Antibacterial ABS material

The Xiaomi smart humidifier is made of antibacterial ABS material providing it with the ultimate durability that is needed. Even if it falls accidentally, it surely won’t break down. It also stops working, as you lift it.

  • Easy-to-clean water tank

The open water tank fitted in this smart humidifier can carry 3.5 liters of water . It provides 16 hours of continuous humidification. The water tank is easy to clean as it can be separated from the rest of the structure.

Moreover, it automatically stops working when the tank is empty, thus saving energy consumption and its use. This feature makes this smart humidifier even more convenient for seniors.

  • Intelligent humidification control

It’s intelligent humidification control works automatically and has different humidification speeds for different circumstances. As a result, one does not have to set the humidification or change the settings whatsoever. It works on its own.

If you want to keep a watch on the Xiaomi Smart ultrasonic humidifier remotely, you can download the Mi Smart Home app from App Store and enjoy various other benefits of it. Monitoring it remotely will keep you at ease. It will let you know that your loved ones at home are living in a safe and breathable environment.


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